Serchmaa Byamba maintains the classic training technique passed from her teacher but encourages her students to ‘own the movements’ themselves and create their own style. As a world renowned performer and trained by the founder of contemporary contortion- Serchmaa brings not just technique but a perspective on living that she passes on. She feels the greatest thing she can give students is not just flexibility but a positive change in their life and attitude towards living it. She also believes contortion is something that can physically benefit anyone, that is can be practiced safely and easily, she wants to open contortion up to everyone who is inspired and interested by it. The techniques passed from her teacher are beneficial to all kinds of people with all kinds of goals. Her teaching career started when some business man decided to take a chance with up and coming Contortionists to choreograph a Contortion act with 21 people. Serchmaa accepted the offer and searched young children to train for the 21 Tara act. After moving to San Francisco, CA, Serchmaa performed in many different circus shows and events, but after settling in San Francisco, she decided to stay and only perform in local events where it close to her family and pursue her teaching.

You can red more about Serchmaa here, or check out her website.




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