After graduating University of Film Art in Mongolia, Tsogtbayar Namsrai moved to USA to get further educated. He worked as an interpreter for the time being until he finished school in San Francisco, CA. He translated numerous stage plays both from and to Mongolian and English. One of the plays he translated from Mongolian to English was selected to be staged at the “Hoorah” Chicago based stage play event.

Tsogtbayar Namsrai, also known as Tsogo, produced many short films and documentaries. He founded the “Rise Pictures” studio in San Francisco and started working on independent projects which includes number of human rights short documentaries funded by Unisef and Globe International, NGO, short films such as “Main Ingredient”, “The End”, “Making of Face Down” and “Reality Check”, MMA documentary “Fight Life” and many other TV promos, music videos and instructional videos for corporations.  When “Reality Check” premiered in local film festivals, it was invited to be presented at the ThreeC’s digital event for its special effects work and presentation.

Tsogo shoots, directs and edits his own films and he does work for others to just about everything in post and production field. He worked as a director of photography in documentaries such as “Fight Life”, “Pac man Pacquiao” and “The man with a blue guitar”, an editor for feature length documentary “Mercury Rising” and director for documentary shorts “July 7th “, “Every step is a hurdle” and “Who’s responsible?”

Tsogo is a member of San Francisco Final Cut Pro Users Group, Northern American Producers Guild and SF Cutters. He also is the city producer for Mongolian 48 hour film project which is the largest timed international film making challenge in the world. The best film award winner “Dream” from Mongolian 48 hour film project 2010 was officially selected to be screened at the “Short film corner” of Cannes International Film Festival in Cannes, France.  Tsogo won the best short award at the 3rd Annual San Francisco UFO film Festival with his short “UFO encounter” and the best film at the cooperative film festival with “Other Avenues”.

Tsogtbayar Namsrai is experienced in Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premier Pro and Avid editing programs and Adobe After Effects and Photoshop for visual effects and HD video formats such as P2 solid state card work flow and HDSLR.

He is currently working on a full length documentary about Mongolian Contortionist Serchmaa Byamba “Clean Socks” and a feature short “The Blessing”.