THANK YOU Kickstarter Re-Try was a SUCCESS!

Dear Supporters,

Thank you All SO VERY much!

With your recent participation in our successful Kickstarter campaign we can follow through more effectively with our up-coming trip to Mongolia! It is less than two weeks away now! We are all very excited to get going and bring back amazing things for you to appreciate and learn from. Without your interest we would not feel so supported in our venture and we wholeheartedly appreciate that! Thank you again!

♥ The Clean Socks Team!

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Kickstarter Re-Try! <3

Dear Bendies and Friends of Bendies,

Thank you all for your support in our first kickstarter!

Unfortunately we didn’t make our goal but we gave it a shot! We still want to make this documentary happen!
Much of it is happening out of pocket, and more so now as we didn’t make out goal.  We are 100% committed to making this whole thing real.
We just have to be less ambitious and fit ourselves to the resourced and interest available.

We have launched a new kickstarter with a goal of $5000.

This will cover some very basic equipment, hired help, artist fees in Mongolia, and equipment transportation. The crew and equipment will not be as we hoped for but it will definitely improve the quality of what is made so that it is more cleanly and professionally made. Anything over the goal just improves it more!

Here is our link to the new kickstarter…

Thank you for your support and following this project. Quite a few contortion students of Serchmaa from the Bay Area are going on this trip to do intensives in Mongolia, see the Naadam festival, and visit the various contortion schools in Ulaanbaatar. This many people and the ageing of the legendary contortionists in Mongolia make this film and photo documentary necessary this year.
Thank you again for your interest and love of contortion and we hope to bring back something beautiful and inspiring for you!
Much Love,
The Clean Socks Team!

To Be a Student & Professional Goals

“If there is only one truth I have found in myself, it is the voracious need I have for stretching and balancing my body.  Mongolian Contortion practice is the purest joy I have ever experienced. It is the only remedy for me. Feeling energy extend past my limbs and the peaceful concentration of my mind as I strive to embody precise alignment… I never seem to get enough.  I spend all of my waking hours, all of my dreaming hours, every tick of time I can embracing this most beautiful art form.

Serchmaa Byambaa has illuminated my soul by sharing this secret of Mongolia with me.  Her ethereal talent and happiness are expressed through her every movement.  Her teaching technique shares not only a slice of traditional art, world knowledge and experience, but also a glimpse into the life of an artist who has achieved beyond our realm of body & mind awareness.

She has been my only contortion teacher and I owe her my blossoming performing career. As a toddler, my darling mother introduced me to classical dance(ballet, jazz, tap, theater..) and artistic gymnastics. I traveled and performed these disciplines throughout my youth. Later, as a young woman struggling to reinvent myself, I tried returning to these past loves, but found no peace.  However, at the dawn of my twenties I reached for something more obscurely beautiful.  I began working under Serchmaa at the age of 21.  By then I was 8 years out of practice in any physical ability and lost as an artist.

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Kickstarter Update One

First off I’d like to say THANK YOU for all of your support! Our Kickstarter campaign is off to a great start! We would like to thank our first round of backers!







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These few pics (the little girls above and Lance below) are from our second Clean Socks Show.

Just in case you are just now joining us what is going on is that as a group we are asking for support to complete our project. This round of funding is for completing the filming and still photography, all of the work so far has been done on a donation basis but in order for us to continue on a professional level and complete the documentary project in a timely fashion, we are reaching out through Kickstarter. What we are doing with the Kickstarter funding is going to Mongolia to complete the filming of the movie as well as accomplish numerous amounts of specially designed photographs in  the Mongolian landscape with both American contortionists and Mongolian contortionists. We have an entire team assembled, a project continually being worked on, but also on pins and needles…

Basically it is my understanding that you go to Mongolia one time a year and that time of year is the end of June to the end of July- In order to complete the project and gather all of the footage, interviews, and photographs we must get to Mongolia in just a few months.

If you have a moment, please share this with your friends- if anything, they will find it enjoyable- but hopefully they will be inspired to share it with their friends as well- you never know who is next to the person looking at the screen….

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Kickstarter Video on YouTube

Here is our KickStarter campaign video on YouTube