Faern is creating the still photography for the Clean Socks documentary. She is well-qualified for this, as she has many years of photographing the body to her credit, as well as extensive studies in cultural anthropology. The documentary investigates Mongolian contortion and its development in the West by looking into teacher and student development. It also examines the cultural importance of a traditional Mongolian art form that is handed down through the children, and is now being taught to foreigners of all ages. From a proud lineage of artists this unique style is now taking a new shape in America. Faern is creating in-class and training images which shows a different side of the performer than might have been glimpsed before. These photographs capture a more raw, real person, the private side, and directly contrast with the more timeless and familiar images from the performances, where the character that they are portraying is a smooth drape over personal human emotion. All of the facets of the photographic portion of this project have been created in order to support the film documentary, but also represent a progression of images that stand on their own, and are both artistic and photo-journalistic in nature.

MORE-> Clean Socks Photography



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