“Clean Socks” is a documentary movie about Mongolian Contortion through the experience of Serchmaa Byamba and her students with the expertise of Director & Producer Tsogtbayar Namsrai and Producer & Photographer Faern.

The film began a few years ago on a previous trip to Mongolia in which Serchmaa was documented with a couple of students during their stay there. You can see some of this footage below.

This is the original teaser for the movie… 

Another facet of the film is the training- both in San Francisco as well as on the journey around Mongolia and their stay in Ulanbataar will be covered.

The trip to Mongolia fast approaches, while we are there we will be experiencing as much of Mongolian life as possible, seeing as much of the countryside, experiencing Nadaam festival as well as going to see the National Circus and many other performances. Please stay tuned!

This short was made for a fundraiser we organized with a number of Serchmaa’s students in San Francisco

This was our first Kickstarter video

Here is the fun San Francisco Muni Promo we did

Please Check out The YouTube channel, and please share it 🙂

Clean Socks Channel


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